Collage photos of Telmar Munge-Ewane
Collage of students preparing taxes
Portraits  of Jonathan Flores and Angie Escobar
AFT and SISD staff group photo and therapy tools
El Dorado architecture students Group photo
Collage of SISD mothers and daughters participating in activities
Socorro ISD seal logo
Collage of SISD mariachi groups
Socorro ISD seal logo
Photo of SISD buses and My Ride K-12 app logo
Author Neal Shusterman speaking to students
Students showing their portfolios
Eastlake athletes signing
Group photo of El Dorado and Ensro holding banner
School Board Recognition Month Graphic
VSP student volunteers at the games collage
Mercedes López smiling and presenting
Alan Morales collage photos
Americas High School graduates holding diplomas and award
Teacher instructing her student